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Jesus is rejected in Nazareth

Jesus reads about the Messiah in Nazareth.
Contributed by Sweet Publishing
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Jesus went to the synagogue in his home town of Nazareth. – Slide 1
When it was time to read the scriptures He stood up and the scroll of the prophet Isaiah was handed to him. Jesus unrolled the scroll and started reading Isaiah 61:1-2. – Slide 2
‘The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because He has anointed me to tell good news to the poor. He has sent me to announce freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind ... – Slide 3
‘... to set the oppressed free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour.’ Jesus then rolled up the scroll and sat down. Everyone was watching Him. – Slide 4
Jesus then announced, ‘Today the scripture I have read has happened.’Jesus was claiming He was the one God had promised to sent to save them. He was the Messiah. – Slide 5
‘Isn’t this Joseph’s son?’ they asked. – Slide 6
Jesus said, ‘You will demand that I do miracles in Nazareth just as I have done in Capernaum. No prophet is accepted in his hometown. – Slide 7
‘In Elijah’s time there were many widows in Israel but God sent him to help a widow living in another land. In the time of Elisha there were many in Israel with leprosy but only person healed of leprosy was Naaman from Syria.’ – Slide 8
Everyone in the synagogue was furious when they heard this and they chased Jesus out of the building and out of the town. – Slide 9
Jesus was hounded to the edge of the cliff on which Nazareth was built. The angry mob intended to throw Him over the cliff to His death. – Slide 10
But Jesus turned and walked through the angry mob and went on His way. – Slide 11
Slide 12