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Jesus changes a troubled man

Jesus delivers a troubled man living in the tombs.
Contributed by Sweet Publishing
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After calming a terrible storm, Jesus and His disciples continued their journey across Lake Galilee. – Slide 1
Their destination was a region called the Gerasenes on the other side of the lake from where they lived. It was an area where there were many Greeks, Romans, and Arabs as well as Jews. – Slide 2
Living outside on the shore was a very troubled man. He was so disturbed and violent that the local people had often put him in chains. – Slide 3
But each time he had been bound he broke free. He was so strong that no-one could subdue him. People were afraid of this wild man who lived among the tombs by the shore. They could hear his cries as he cut himself with sharp stones. – Slide 4
When Jesus and his disciples pulled their boat up on the shore. He rushed towards them. – Slide 5
But instead of attacking Jesus, he fell on his knees before Him. Jesus ordered, ‘Come out of this man you unclean spirit.’ The troubled man shouted at the top of his voice, ‘What do you want with me Jesus, Son of the Most High God?’ – Slide 6
‘What is your name?’ asked Jesus. The voice inside the man replied, ‘Legion, for we are many.’ The evil powers controlling the man kept begging Jesus not to sent them out of the area. – Slide 7
A large herd of about 2,000 pigs were feeding on a nearby hillside. The demons begged Jesus to send them into the pigs. – Slide 8
Jesus commanded the demons to leave the man and enter the pigs. When they did so, the pigs stampeded down the steep bank into the lake and were drowned. – Slide 9
The pig herders rushed into the nearby town to report what had happened. When they arrived on the shore they saw the man who had been so troubled, properly dressed, calm, and perfectly sane. They were so afraid of Jesus’ power they begged Him to leave. – Slide 10
As Jesus got into the boat, the man who had been delivered from the power of so much evil begged to go with Him. ‘No,’ replied Jesus. ‘Go home to your own people and tell them how much the Lord has done for you.’ – Slide 11
The man went round the whole region telling others what Jesus had done for him. And everyone was amazed. – Slide 12
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