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Joseph rules in Egypt

Joseph rules in Egypt and stores the surplus grain.
Contributed by Sweet Publishing
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As predicted, for seven years the land produced bumper crops. During those years, Joseph built places to store the surplus grain. – Slide 1
He gathered all the crops grown in Egypt and stored the grain from the surrounding fields in the cities. – Slide 2
He piled up huge amounts of grain like sand on the seashore. – Slide 3
Finally, he stopped keeping records because there was too much to measure. – Slide 4
During this time, two sons were born to Joseph and his wife, Asenath. Joseph named his older son Manasseh (meaning ‘forget’), saying, ‘God has made me forget all my troubles and everyone in my father’s family.’ He named his second son Ephraim, (meaning ‘fruitful’), saying, ‘God has made me fruitful in this land of my grief.’ – Slide 5
When the seven years of bumper crops throughout the land of Egypt came to an end, the seven years of famine began. The famine also struck all the surrounding countries, including the land where Joseph’s brothers lived, but throughout Egypt there was plenty of food. – Slide 6
Eventually, the famine spread throughout the land of Egypt as well. When the people cried out to Pharaoh for food, he told them, ‘Go to Joseph, and do whatever he tells you.’ – Slide 7
So with severe famine everywhere, Joseph opened up the storehouses and distributed grain to the Egyptians. – Slide 8
People from all around came to Egypt to buy grain from Joseph because the famine was severe throughout the whole region. – Slide 9
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