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The spies and Rahab

Rahab helps two spies sent to Jericho by Joshua.
Contributed by Sweet Publishing
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(Deuteronomy 31). God told Moses that he would not lead the Israelites into the Promised Land. Moses called everyone together and gave instructions to his successor Joshua. ‘Be strong and courageous for you are to lead these people into the land the Lord has promised to them. The Lord goes before you and will never leave or forsake you. Don’t be afraid or become discouraged.’ – Slide 1
(Joshua 1) After Moses died, Joshua and the people camped at Abel-Shittim on the east bank of the River Jordan. – Slide 2
God told Joshua, ‘Get ready to cross the River Jordan. Every place you set foot on I will give you and nobody will be able to stand in your way. I will never leave you or let you down. Be strong and show courage. Obey God’s law and think deeply about it then you will be successful.’ – Slide 3
Joshua ordered those in charge of the people, ‘Go through the camp and tell everyone to pack up and get ready to move. In three days’ time we will cross the River Jordan and take over the land God has promised to us.’ – Slide 4
The people answered, ‘What you have commanded we will do. Just as we obeyed Moses we will obey you. May God be with you as He was with Moses.’ – Slide 5
Ahead of them, just 12 (20km) miles away, on the other side of the River Jordan, was the walled city of Jericho. – Slide 6
Joshua secretly sent two spies to check out the land and the city of Jericho. – Slide 7
They entered Jericho and made for the house of Rahab, (a local prostitute) who often took strangers and visitors into her home. – Slide 8
However the spies had been spotted. The King of Jericho was warned, ‘There are Israelite spies in the city.’ The king gave orders for soldiers to go to Rahab’s house and arrest them. – Slide 9
Rahab however, sensing her visitors were in danger, took them up to the roof and hid them. – Slide 10
When the soldiers arrived she did not betray them. ‘There were two men here but I did not know who they were,’ she explained, ‘at dusk before the city gate was closed they left and I don’t know where they are heading.’ – Slide 11
The soldiers rushed off out of the city and down the road towards the River Jordan searching for the two spies. – Slide 12
Rahab went up onto the roof and spoke to the spies. ‘I know the Lord has given you this land and everyone here is very afraid. We have heard how God opened up the Red Sea to let you escape out of Egypt and our hearts are melting with fear.’ – Slide 13
Please promise me that you will show kindness to my family and spare their lives,’ Rahab begged. ‘Our lives for your lives,’ the two spies promised her. – Slide 14
Rahab’s house had a window in the city wall. That night she let them down a rope to make their escape. ‘Go and hide in the hills for three days and when they have given up searching for you, you’ll be able to cross the River Jordan.’ – Slide 15
The men had agreed that Rahab would tie a scarlet cord in her window to signal her house. They told her to make sure her family stayed inside the house when the Israelites attacked. Then they would keep their promise to spare their lives. – Slide 16
Rahab tied the scarlet in the window as agreed. – Slide 17
The two men hid in the hills around Jericho until it was clear for them to cross the River Jordan and return to the Israelites’ camp. – Slide 18
They reported to Joshua, ‘The Lord really has given us the whole of this land. The people there are melting in fear because of us.’ – Slide 19
Joshua was ready to move into the Promised Land. But how were so many people all going to be able to cross the River Jordan, which was in flood? – Slide 20
Slide 21