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Manasseh: The Prodigal King

Evil King Manasseh is imprisoned, humbled and restored.
Contributed by Sweet Publishing
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Simplified Chinese
Manasseh was the son of King Hezekiah and was only 12 years old when he was crowned King of Judah. – Slide 1
His father Hezekiah loved God. When Hezekiah had been ill and dying God had healed him and extended his life by 15 years. Once Manasseh was 12 years old, Hezekiah reigned together with his young son to train him to become a good ruler. – Slide 2
Manasseh knew that when the Assyrians had besieged the city of Jerusalem, his father Hezekiah had prayed to God for help. And God had delivered them from their enemies. He also knew that his father had cleansed the Temple and the land of idols and encouraged everyone to trust in God alone. – Slide 3
Manasseh was 22 years old when his father Hezekiah died. He was now free to rule as he wanted. – Slide 4
Instead of obeying God or listening to the warnings of the prophet Isaiah, Manasseh rebelled. – Slide 5
He encouraged people to rebuild the altars to false gods that his father had destroyed. These altars appeared on the high places throughout the land. – Slide 6
Manasseh then built idols to the god Baal and encouraged false worship. – Slide 7
Despite the fact that God had forbidden His people to worship other gods, Manasseh built an idol to worship the goddess Asherah as wicked King Ahab and his evil wife Jezebel had done. – Slide 8
Manasseh went from bad to worse, even putting altars to false gods in the Temple in Jerusalem – the very place God said His Name would be forever. The King encouraged people to worship the planets and stars. Again, this was something God had forbidden. – Slide 9
Manasseh’s wickedness increased as embraced forbidden occult practices. He sought advice from sorcerers, astrologers and mediums. He sacrificed his sons. The King filled Jerusalem with ‘innocent blood’ as he murdered those who stood in his way. He became the most evil King of Judea. – Slide 10
The Lord warned Manasseh and the people of Judah but they refused to listen. So God acted in judgement and brought the army commanders of the King of Assyrian to invade the land. – Slide 11
They captured Manasseh and put him in chains. – Slide 12
The Assyrians put a hook through Manasseh’s nose and led him away all the way to Assyria. – Slide 13
The King of Assyria was also governor of Babylon and Manesseh was taken to this city – known for its wickedness. – Slide 14
Manasseh was put in prison and remained there for 12 years. He was in ‘great distress’. – Slide 15
Prisoner Manasseh humbled himself before God and pleaded for forgiveness and help. Few would think he deserved it. God not only listened to his plea but was moved by it. God’s love and forgiveness is shown to anyone who truly repents, even to those who have done the most terrible things. – Slide 16
God answered Manasseh’s prayer. The King of Assyria decided to restore him to be King of Judah once more. – Slide 17
Once back in Jerusalem, Manasseh set about living to obey God. He got rid of the idols on the high places throughout the land. – Slide 18
The altars to false gods in the temple and city were pulled down and removed from the city. – Slide 19
The temple was cleared of idols and objects that God had forbidden. – Slide 20
King Manasseh restored the altar to God in the Temple and made sacrifices and peace offerings on it. – Slide 21
The King them told the people to serve God. He had misled them and set a very bad example, but now he urged them to repent and turn back to God as he had done. – Slide 22
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