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Jesus comes to Jericho part 1 - Bartimaeus

A blind man cries out to Jesus for help.
Contributed by Lars-Goran Ronnberg
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese
About 2000 years ago, in the city of Jericho, there lived a poor blind man named Bartimaeus. – Slide 1
Every morning Bartimaeus walked slowly and carefully through the city to the road that ran from Jericho to Jerusalem. – Slide 2
He went out through the city gate, passing many people who came into the city to buy and sell. – Slide 3
Then he sat down by the busy roadside to beg for money to buy food. – Slide 4
Many people who had plenty of money walked past him without a glance. They only thought about themselves, not the poor blind man. – Slide 5
But sometimes there were those kind enough to give him a little money. It was enough to buy scraps of food but not enough to buy clothes, shoes and other things he needed. – Slide 6
As the sun went down, he would walk with tired steps back into the city – Slide 7
Some days he had begged enough money to get food. – Slide 8
And sometimes he did not have enough money to buy food and he went to bed hungry. – Slide 9
The next day he would make his way outside the city to start begging once more. – Slide 10
One day he was very surprised to hear the sound of a large crowd coming down the road towards Jericho. – Slide 11
‘What is happening?’ he asked. Those at the front of the crowd explained that Jesus of Nazareth was walking down the road surrounded by a large crowd. – Slide 12
When Bartimaeus heard this news he started shouting as loudly as he could. ‘Jesus, Jesus, Son of David! Help me!’ – Slide 13
The people nearby were annoyed by his shouts. ‘Be quiet! They demanded. Jesus has no time for you.’ – Slide 14
But Bartimaeus shouted even louder. ‘Jesus, Jesus, have mercy on me!’ – Slide 15
Further up the road Jesus head his cry for help. But rather than ignore the blind man He sent His disciples to bring Bartimaeus to Him. – Slide 16
Bartimaeus heard someone say. ‘Jesus wants you to come to Him.’ And he was led through the crowd. – Slide 17
The people nearby were shocked. ‘What does Jesus want with a poor blind beggar?’ – Slide 18
Bartimaeus heard the kind voice of Jesus ask him, ‘What do you want me to do for you?’ – Slide 19
‘I would like to see again,’ Bartimaeus begged. – Slide 20
‘Receive your sight,’ Jesus said. ‘Your faith has healed you.’ <br/>Immediately, Bartimaeus could … – Slide 21
….see! <br/>‘I can see, I can see’, he cried loudly. – Slide 22
Everyone in the crowd was amazed and very happy. They burst out in praise to God. – Slide 23
But the happiest man was Bartimaeus who cried aloud and praised God and Jesus. – Slide 24
And those who had told the man to be quiet realised how foolish they had been. They had not understood how much Jesus cared for those who were poor and helpless. – Slide 25
So Jesus walked on into Jericho with Bartimaeus thanking and praising God that he could now see. – Slide 26
Slide 27