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Jairus' daughter and the ill woman

Jesus performs two miracles in Capernaum.
Contributed by Lars-Goran Ronnberg
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese
The Bible tells about a girl who was 12 years old who lived in the town of Capernaum. We do not know her name or her mother's name, but it says her father was called Jairus and he was a leader at the local synagogue. – Slide 1
One day the girl became very ill. Her mother and father became very worried because she had a very high fever. – Slide 2
Jesus had been staying in the same town as the girl but had left in a boat the day before to visit the other side of the Sea of Galilee. But exciting news spread the next morning that a boat with Jesus in it had returned to the shore. – Slide 3
Jairus knew that Jesus could help his very ill daughter, so he ran to the shore as fast he could. – Slide 4
When he found Jesus, he fell at His feet and said, ’Jesus! My daughter is very sick. Can you come our home and make her well?’ – Slide 5
Jesus agreed to go with Jairus. – Slide 6
A large crowd of people who had been following Jesus crowded around them as they walked through the narrow streets of the town. – Slide 7
There was a woman who had been ill for as long as the girl was old - 12 long difficult years. She had problems with her blood and wounds that did not heal properly. Many people called her ’unclean’ when she bled and the bleeding would not stop. Some wrongly thought she must be a bad person to suffer in this way. She had bought expensive medicine and treatments from doctors, but none of them helped and some had made the problem worse. – Slide 8
The woman believed Jesus could help her, but she was not allowed to go near people or touch them when she was ’unclean’. <br/>She thought, ’If I can only touch Jesus and one of the corner tassles on the edge of His mantle, I'll be well.’ <br/>(These tassles were thought to be a sign of a person’s authority and power). – Slide 9
Keeping her face hidden so no-one would recognise her, she quietly joined the crowd and crept up behind Jesus. While no-one was watching, she reached out a hand and took hold of a corner tassle on Jesus' mantle. – Slide 10
Immediately she was healed. Fantastic! The pain was completely gone. Her blood was clean and healthy. – Slide 11
But then Jesus stopped and the crowd halted. ’Who touched me?’ Jesus asked. – Slide 12
Peter, who was one of Jesus' twelve disciples replied. ’There are so many in this crowd pushing and shoving. How can you ask, ’Who touched me?’ – Slide 13
But Jesus answered. ’Someone was touching me in a special way because I felt power was coming out of me!’ – Slide 14
’Oh!’ the woman gasped, ’Jesus has noticed that I deliberately touched Him.’ As someone who was ‘unclean’ and not allowed to touch other people she was afraid of what Jesus might say. – Slide 15
The woman cried and fell at Jesus' feet. ’It was I who touched you!’ she confessed. – Slide 16
But Jesus was not angry with the woman. Instead, He welcomed her and said, ’Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.’ – Slide 17
At that point, a messenger from from Jairus's house and pushed through the crowd. ’Jairus! Your daughter has died! Don’t bother Jesus anymore. It is too late now!’ – Slide 18
Jesus turned to Jairus and said, ’Don’t be afraid - just believe.’ <br/>They walked on together with the crowd following. – Slide 19
Many relatives and friends of Jairus and his family had gathered at his house and were crying and wailing loudly because the girl had died. – Slide 20
Jesus spoke to them, ‘Why all this commotion and wailing? To me, the girl is not dead but sleeping. – Slide 21
All the relatives and mourners started laughing at Jesus! They knew the girl was dead. – Slide 22
Jesus put all those who were laughing out of the house. Only Jairus and the girl's mother along with the disciples Peter, James and John were allowed to stay inside. – Slide 23
Jesus then went and took the dead girl by the hand and commanded, ‘Little girl, I say to you, come alive again!’ – Slide 24
Immediately the girl came back to life again, and sat up in bed. – Slide 25
Then she stood up and walked around. Her mum and dad were so happy! – Slide 26
Jesus knew the girl had been too ill to eat for several days so He told her parents to feed her. – Slide 27
The girl was served food and she ate everything. It tasted so good. Everyone was so happy at what Jesus had done. – Slide 28
They thanked and praised Jesus for what He had done. Jesus had God’s power to make a dead person live again. – Slide 29
Outside the house those who had mocked and laughed at Jesus were waiting to find out what had happened. – Slide 30
Suddenly the door opened and standing there was a living, happy, healthy 12-year-old girl who had been dead then raised to life! They stared open-mouthed in utter disbelief. – Slide 31
Everyone who lived in this area now found out what had happened. Not only could Jesus heal the sick but He could raise the dead to life. Only God could do this. – Slide 32
So Jesus and His disciples walked out of the town of Capernaum on their way to Nazareth. Everyone was very happy! – Slide 33
The family was so pleased that Jesus had come for help. How amazing Jesus is. <br/>Yes, because when Jesus walked on earth, it was God walking on earth. Jesus was both God and man. – Slide 34
Slide 35