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When Jesus was twelve years old

Jesus in the Temple in Jerusalem aged 12.
Contributed by Lars-Goran Ronnberg
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese
Jesus is God’s Son but He lived with His mother Mary her husband, Joseph. Jesus was both human and also God. They all lived in the village of Nazareth. – Slide 1
Joseph was a carpenter and as Jesus grew up He helped him. – Slide 2
Just like any other boy He would play games with His friends. – Slide 3
Jesus however was different from other children in that He was always obedient to God and Mary and Joseph. He did not do wrong things. – Slide 4
After Jesus was born, Mary and Joseph had children of their own so Jesus lived in a family with his step-brothers and step-sisters. – Slide 5
He also went to school where He studied hard. – Slide 6
One day Jesus was very happy. It was time to go to Jerusalem with others from Nazareth to worship God in the Temple. It was something they did several times a year. – Slide 7
It took a few days for the large group of people from Nazareth and the surrounding area to walk to the big city. – Slide 8
As they climbed up the big hill to Jerusalem they sang psalms and praised God. – Slide 9
Finally they went into the Temple where people were teaching about God and worshipping Him. Jesus was pleased. After all, His real father was God. <br/>Jesus was now 12 years old, the age that most boys began to learn how to do the job their father did. – Slide 10
Many people came into the Temple to pray to God. – Slide 11
Some people came into the temple to say sorry to God for the wrong things they had done and ask Him to forgive them. – Slide 12
Teachers taught people how to obey God and live by His laws. People could ask questions and find out how God wanted them to live. – Slide 13
Some however were very proud and came to the Temple to show off how good and generous they thought they were. Some people were impressed by them but they did not please God. – Slide 14
There were musicians in the Temple who led people in singing praise to God. – Slide 15
It was a wonderful time as people ate meals with their friends and family and put their lives right with God. – Slide 16
After a few days it was time to return. The large group of people from Nazareth started to make their way out of Jerusalem. Mary and Joseph thought Jesus was with the other children making the journey home or with their relatives. – Slide 17
But later, after travelling all day, they stopped. They called out for Jesus. But there was no reply. Where was He? They asked people if they had seen Jesus. But they all shook their heads. – Slide 18
‘Have you seen Jesus,’ shouted Mary and Joseph to those travelling at the front. – Slide 19
‘No, we haven´t seen Jesus all day,’ they answered. Mary and Joseph were very worried. Had Jesus been left alone in Jerusalem? They must rush back at once to find Him. – Slide 20
The next day they arrived back in Jerusalem tired and exhausted. They went through the narrow streets but could not see Jesus anywhere. They searched all day but could not find Him. – Slide 21
The day after they kept looking. They asked people if they had seen a 12 year-old boy on His own. But people shook their heads. They searched all day but there was no sign of Jesus. – Slide 22
Jesus had now been missing for three days and Mary and Joseph were so worried. They decided to go to the Temple and ask God to find Him. – Slide 23
They did not know it but Jesus had been in the Temple all that time. It was God’s house – His Father’s house. – Slide 24
Jesus asked difficult questions about God to the Temple teachers, but they could not answer them. So Jesus explained about God to them and answered their questions. – Slide 25
People were stunned that such a young boy knew so much about God. A boy who was only 12 years old! From where has He received all His wisdom? – Slide 26
Mary and Joseph began praying in the Temple. Suddenly they gasped. There was Jesus! Talking with the Temple teachers. <br/>They rushed to hug Him. – Slide 27
Where have you been? We have been so worried about you? <br/>‘Don’t you know that now I am 12, I am the age when I must learn my Father’s business?’ Jesus replied. <br/>Mary and Joseph understood Jesus must do what God wanted Him to do with His life. After all, God was His father. – Slide 28
Jesus wisely knew God’s command that we must all obey our parents, so he set off at once with Mary and Joseph on the trip back to Nazareth. – Slide 29
Jesus grew up being obedient to Mary and Joseph and God. He grew strong in every way, loving His Heavenly Father and His parents on earth. – Slide 30
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