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Jesus at the Passover - part 1

Judas betrays Jesus and Peter denies Him.
Contributed by Lars-Goran Ronnberg
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese
As Jesus walked on earth, he chose 12 men to follow Him as His disciples. Some of these disciples were known as Peter, James, John, Philip and Judas, among others. – Slide 1
Everywhere Jesus went, many people gathered. Everyone wanted to see Him and hear Him teach. Jesus also healed all who were sick. – Slide 2
In the great temple in Jerusalem, the chief priests and teachers of the Law had few to hear them. – Slide 3
But when Jesus came to the temple, large crowds gathered to hear Him. – Slide 4
This made the chief priests and religious leaders very angry and jealous of Jesus. ‘There must be an end to this.’ they said. ‘The only way is to arrest Jesus when the people are not watching and then kill Him. But how?’ – Slide 5
Judas, one of the 12 disciples, took care of the money belonging to Jesus and His disciples. Some of this money was for their needs and the rest was given to the poor. But Judas had secretly stolen money from this fund and being greedy thought of a way he could get even more. – Slide 6
He knew the religious leaders would pay for information where they could arrest Jesus away from the crowds. – Slide 7
Judas knocked at the door of the chief priests and the religious leaders and asked them if they wanted his help. They were very surprised and said: ‘You are one of His disciples, aren´t you?’ – Slide 8
‘Yes, yes, yes,’ Judas whispered. ‘But if you pay me well, I´ll be happy to help you!’ – Slide 9
(This images is displayed for 2 – 3 seconds). <br/>‘Good idea, Judas.’ – Slide 10
‘We’ll give you 30 silver coins if you help us!’ said the chief priests and religious leaders. <br/>‘Thanks. I’ll do it.’ Judas answered. – Slide 11
‘Oh Judas! You are doing the right thing,’ the leaders replied. ‘We need to stop what Jesus is doing.’ <br/>From then on Judas watched for an opportunity to hand Jesus over to them. – Slide 12
Now it was Passover and Jesus know exactly what was going to happen to Him. He went into the upper room of a house with His disciples to celebrate the Passover meal. – Slide 13
Everyone was very happy until Jesus said: – Slide 14
‘One of you will betray me!’ Everyone was very surprised and alarmed. ‘Is it me? They asked. ‘Who is it?’ – Slide 15
Judas knew Jesus was talking about him. ‘It’s not me,’ he muttered and acted very innocent.’ – Slide 16
John, who was sitting near Jesus, whispered to Him: ‘Jesus! Can you tell me who it is?' <br/>Jesus whispered to John: ‘It is the person to whom I will give this piece of bread when I have dipped it in the dish.’ – Slide 17
Jesus then dipped some bread in a dish and handed it to Judas, who gladly received it. <br/>The Bible says that Satan entered Judas and he immediately got up and went out to betray Jesus. – Slide 18
It was now late in the evening and Judas understood that Jesus was going to the garden of Gethsemane to pray as He often did. He would have the opportunity to lead the chief priests and religious leaders to capture Jesus. – Slide 19
Jesus then told the disciples that they would all run off and leave Him that night. – Slide 20
But Peter said, ‘Jesus! If everyone abandons you, I will not do it! I am ready to give my life for you!’ <br/>Jesus said, ‘Peter! Before the first rooster crows tomorrow morning, you will have already said three times that you do not know me!’  <br/>‘I will never do that.’ Peter promised.  <br/>Jesus said, ‘Come, let’s go to Gethsemane and pray.’ – Slide 21
So Jesus and His disciples went down into the Kidron Valley outside Jerusalem. They crossed the Kidron brook and went into the Garden of Gethsemane. – Slide 22
Here, Jesus knelt and prayed to God, His Father in heaven. He asked for strength and help to cope with what lay ahead. He knew evil people would be coming to kill Him and He needed to do what God wanted. <br/>The disciples, who should have been praying, all fell asleep. Jesus was so aware of what would happen next that He sweated drops of blood. But He told God He would obey Him. An angel from heaven came to encourage and strengthen Jesus. – Slide 23
Just then, Judas arrived leading a large group of people and soldiers armed with clubs and swords sent to capture Jesus. – Slide 24
Jesus asked who they were looking for. ‘We are looking for Jesus,’ they replied. <br/>‘I am He, Jesus told them. – Slide 25
Jesus spoke with such power they all fell backwards. – Slide 26
(This image is displayed in silence for 2 – 3 seconds). – Slide 27
(This image is displayed in silence for 2 – 3 seconds). – Slide 28
Everyone was very frightened and afraid. After a while they stood up again. Jesus said: ‘If it’s me you want to take, let my disciples go!’ And so Jesus allowed Himself to be bound and arrested. – Slide 29
They brought Jesus to the High Priest’s courtyard to face trial. <br/>Peter followed, but at a long distance back. He wanted to see what would happen to Jesus. – Slide 30
This night, Jesus was interrogated by the High priest and religious leaders. But Jesus had not done any harm. He had only done good and told the truth. So, false witnesses were brought in who lied about Jesus. – Slide 31
Peter crept carefully into the courtyard. A maid saw him and said, ‘You are one of Jesus’ disciples.’ <br/>But Peter lied that he did not know Jesus. – Slide 32
Peter was standing by the fire warming himself. He was asked again, ‘Aren’t you one of His disciples too?’ – Slide 33
But Peter denied it saying, ‘I am not.’ And then he swore loudly. – Slide 34
Later, several looked at Peter and said that he was definitely one of Jesus´ disciples, but Peter denied it and swore again. – Slide 35
Just then the first rooster was heard crowing in Jerusalem that early morning. – Slide 36
At that moment Jesus turned and looked at Peter. Peter remembered what Jesus had said and was so ashamed that he went out of the courtyard. – Slide 37
Peter wept in despair that he had denied Jesus. But when Jesus rose from the dead, Peter asked Him for forgiveness. Jesus gave him the power of the Holy Spirit to become His witness, and 50 days later Peter boldly preached about Jesus to thousands of people. – Slide 38
Slide 39