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Abraham and Isaac

God tests Abraham's faith.
Contributed by Lambsongs
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We read in the Bible that Abraham loved God with all his heart. <br/>When God asked Abraham to give Him the one thing he loved the most, Abraham obeyed and trusted God. – Slide 1
Abraham loved God. Abraham and his wife Sarah had waited a long time to have a son of their own. Abraham loved Isaac more than anything else in the world and thanked God for him. – Slide 2
One day God tested Abraham. ‘Take Isaac, your son and give him to me as a present.’ God said. ‘Take him to a mountain I will show you.’  <br/>Abraham trusted that God would not allow Isaac to be harmed as He had promised to make him the father of a great nation. – Slide 3
Early the next morning Abraham put some wood for a fire on his donkey and went to the mountain with Isaac. It would be hard to give Isaac to God. – Slide 4
Isaac helped get the wood for the fire. ‘Where is the lamb to give to God?’ he asked. Abraham said, ‘God will give us a lamb.’ – Slide 5
Abraham put the wood on the altar of stones. He put Isaac, his special boy, on top. God knew that Abraham loved Him and was giving Him the one thing he loved the most. – Slide 6
God said, ‘Stop, Abraham! God has seen that you love Him, even more than you love your only boy. You listened to God, even when it was hard.’ Abraham believed God would not allow Isaac to be harmed and God kept His promise. – Slide 7
God told Abraham that He had provided a lamb for him to give Him instead of Isaac. Abraham looked around and saw a ram caught by his horns in a bush. – Slide 8
Abraham and Isaac never forgot to make loving God the most important thing to do. When you obey and trust God He will never let you down. – Slide 9
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