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Put on God's armour

Paul, spiritual warfare and the armour of a Roman soldier.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
Soldiers in the Bible put on armour to help keep them safe when they were attacked. The Bible reminds me that obeying God and living as He wants will keep me safe too, just like the armour a soldier wears. – Slide 1
The belt of truth.<br/>The Bible tells me that God’s words are true and I am to tell the truth. I will do what God says is right. – Slide 2
The breastplate of righteousness. <br/>The Bible tells me that God is good and right. Good choices make a good life. I will choose to do what is right. – Slide 3
The shoes of the Gospel of peace. <br/>The Bible tells me to make peace with my enemy. I will say I am sorry and show them God’s love. – Slide 4
The shield of faith. <br/>The Bible tells me that God is always with me. I don’t need to worry, or be afraid, I will trust in God. – Slide 5
The helmet of salvation. <br/>The Bible tells me that Jesus died on the cross for me. Jesus is my savior and friend. I know that Jesus loves me! – Slide 6
The sword of the spirit. <br/>The Bible tells me that God’s words have power and will protect me. I will learn God’s words. – Slide 7
Pray and obey. <br/>The Bible tells me to pray and obey. Now I am protected and safe, just like having the armour a soldier wears. – Slide 8
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