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Blind Bartimaeus can see

Jesus responds to blind Bartimaeus' call for help.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
In the gospel of Mark is an amazing story about a blind man who met Jesus. – Slide 1
Timaeus and his wife had a lovely baby boy and they called him Bartimaeus. The little baby was born blind and their little boy would never be able to see. – Slide 2
When he grew up he couldn’t see to work, so he sat beside the road waiting for people to put money in his bowl so he could buy food. – Slide 3
One day Jesus went past with lots of people. Bartimaeus had heard that Jesus healed sick people. ‘Jesus! Please help me,’ he yelled. ‘Be quiet! Jesus is too busy for you,’ they said. – Slide 4
But Jesus is never too busy to hear us. He stopped and called Bartimaeus by name and asked him to come to him. Bartimaeus took off his coat and dropped it. – Slide 5
People took him over to Jesus. Bartimaeus believed that Jesus could heal his eyes and make him see! ‘Jesus please help me,’ he said. – Slide 6
‘What do you want?’ asked Jesus. ‘Jesus I want to be able to see. I know you make sick people better.’ And then a miracle happened! – Slide 7
Jesus made blind Bartimaeus see and the first person he ever saw was Jesus! He was so happy he told everyone what Jesus had done for him! – Slide 8
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