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The boy shares his lunch

A boys shares his lunch with Jesus and it feeds 5,000.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
This story is found in the Bible and is about a packed lunch of five loaves and two fish. – Slide 1
It was a nice sunny day. The boy wanted to go and see Jesus and asked his mother if he could go. ‘I will give you some lunch to take,’ she said. – Slide 2
His mother put into his lunch bag 2 little fish and 5 bread rolls. ‘Have a nice day and tell me all about Jesus when you get home,’ she said. – Slide 3
Jesus told stories about God. The boy listened. He loved Jesus. Jesus said, ‘Love one another.’ The boy forgot to eat his lunch. – Slide 4
It was time to go home, but everyone was hungry and they had no food. <br/>Jesus said to His helpers, ‘Tell everyone to sit down on the grass.’ – Slide 5
The boy gave his lunch to Jesus to share. Just 2 little fish and 5 bread rolls. – Slide 6
It was not enough for everyone. What would Jesus do? Jesus broke it all into pieces and His helpers gave it to everyone to eat. – Slide 7
‘Thank you Jesus,’ they said. When they had all eaten there were lots left over! – Slide 8
The boy ran home to tell his mother about giving his lunch to Jesus. 'And there were heaps left over! That’s a miracle! Look!’ – Slide 9
Slide 10