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Cain, where is your brother?

Cain's anger leads to the murder of Abel.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish
Be glad when someone else has, or does, something better than you. God knows when we are angry and jealous, or hurt others. – Slide 1
Adam and Eve had two boys. Abel, the younger brother, loved his sheep. He took a lamb to give to God. – Slide 2
God saw how much Abel loved the lamb and that he had given the best he had as a present to God. – Slide 3
Cain, the older brother, knew that God had been pleased with his younger brother’s gift of a lamb. It made him jealous of his brother. – Slide 4
‘I work hard and God should be pleased with me,’ he thought. ‘I am the best. I will teach my brother a lesson.’ – Slide 5
Cain was so angry that he hit his brother Abel very hard and he died. Cain thought no one would ever know. – Slide 6
But God sees and knows everything. ‘Where is your brother?’ God asked Cain. ‘Am I supposed to know where my brother is at every moment?’ Cain replied. – Slide 7
Because Cain had done such a bad thing God sent him away to live in another country. God doesn’t want us to hurt each other. – Slide 8
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