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Counting the cost

Counting the cost of following Jesus.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
Jesus told this parable to help us understand how important it is to follow Jesus with all your heart so we keep obeying Him and do not give up. – Slide 1
Crowds followed Jesus everywhere.  Jesus said, ‘If you choose to be my disciple, you need to love me more than you even love your own family.’ – Slide 2
Then He told them this story: ‘Imagine if one of you wanted to build a tower. You would first work out the cost and make sure you had enough money to finish it.’ – Slide 3
If you got half-way through and realised you didn’t have enough money to buy all the bricks that were needed, then others would laugh at you for being so unwise. – Slide 4
Imagine that a King’s country was going to be attacked by a big army. He would need to decide if his own army was strong enough to win. – Slide 5
And he would make sure there were enough weapons for all of his soldiers, before he sent them to fight a stronger enemy. – Slide 6
If there were not, he would quickly send someone to make peace with his enemy, before they started fighting and his army lost. – Slide 7
It isn’t just starting that is important.  It is having so much love for God that we keep going, right to the very end. – Slide 8
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