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Daniel in the lions' den

Daniel keeps praying and is thrown to the lions.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
Would you like to spend a night in a den full of hungry lions? This story is about a man in the Bible who was given a choice. Either stop praying to God or be fed to the lions. – Slide 1
Daniel loved God with all his heart. He prayed to God lots of times every day. Daniel did what was good and right. He worked for the King of Babylon. – Slide 2
The King saw that Daniel worked hard and always did what was good and right. The King made Daniel the boss. But the King’s other helpers wanted to be boss instead. – Slide 3
The King’s other helpers got angry. They tricked the King into making a rule. Anyone who prayed to God would be thrown in the lions’ den! – Slide 4
Daniel heard about the King’s rule. ‘I love God and I will still pray,’ said Daniel. The King’s helpers looked in the window. They saw Daniel pray and told the King. – Slide 5
Daniel had broken the King’s rules. The King was very sad. He knew he had been tricked. ‘Daniel’s God will look after him,’ said the King. – Slide 6
Daniel was thrown into the lions’ den. He was not afraid. He just prayed to God. The King could not sleep. He was so sad. In the morning he looked in the lions’ den. – Slide 7
The King saw that Daniel was safe! God’s angel had shut the lions’ mouths. The King then made a new rule. Everyone must love God and pray only to Him. – Slide 8
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