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David looks after his sheep

David protects his flock from lions and bears.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
David was the youngest son of a shepherd. He learnt to look after sheep from an early age. He cared for them and protected them from harm. – Slide 1
David looked after his father’s sheep. They liked to eat green grass and drink fresh water and when he called to them they followed him. – Slide 2
He sat down under a shady tree to watch his sheep. He loved to pray and sing to God and he loved God with all his heart. God was with David. – Slide 3
David knew every sheep by name. At night he would find a safe place for his sheep to sleep. He counted them to see that they were all there. – Slide 4
Sometimes he had to find a lost sheep or carry a sick lamb. David was a good shepherd. He loved his sheep and they loved him. – Slide 5
He watched out for wild animals that might hurt his sheep. David prayed and asked God to keep his precious lambs safe. – Slide 6
While he watched his sheep David put a stone in his sling. Wheeeee! The stone went a long way and it was fun. He could use his sling to frighten away wild animals. – Slide 7
While watching over the sheep David would play his harp and sing songs of praise to God. Many of David’s songs are found in the Bible and are called psalms. – Slide 8
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