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David doesn't hurt King Saul

David stops Abishai killing King Saul.
Contributed by Lambsongs
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This story is found in the Bible in the first book of Samuel. – Slide 1
King Saul was jealous of David and wanted to get rid of him. All day he searched, but he couldn’t find him, because God kept David safe. – Slide 2
That night, when everyone was asleep, David and his friend Abishai came creeping, very quietly, closer and closer to King Saul. – Slide 3
King Saul was fast asleep and so were the soldiers who guarded him. They were in such a deep sleep they did not wake up. – Slide 4
When Abishai wanted to kill King Saul, David said, ‘No! Don’t hurt him! Saul was chosen by God to be King and we must respect him.’ – Slide 5
‘We will take the King’s spear and water jar so he will know that we have been here. We just want to make peace.’ – Slide 6
The next morning David shouted to King Saul, ‘Look! We have your spear and water jar! We could have hurt you last night, but we know God chose you to be King.’ – Slide 7
King Saul was sorry he had been jealous of David and stopped chasing him. As David was kind to his enemy, there was peace. – Slide 8
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