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The story of Easter

Jesus is arrested, crucified and rises from the dead.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
This is the story of what happened at the first Easter, written by four of Jesus’ friends, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. – Slide 1
Jesus had twelve special friends who went everywhere with Him and saw the miracles He did. They listened to His stories about God. – Slide 2
One day Jesus said to them, ‘It will soon be time for me to go away, but first some sad things will happen, but I will come back again.’ – Slide 3
Jesus went into the garden to pray. He knew it was time for Him to die on the Cross. The soldiers came to get Him. – Slide 4
Jesus was put on the cross on the top of a hill. Soldiers stood guard. His friends were sad. – Slide 5
When Jesus died they put Him in a cave tomb with a big stone across the door. Soldiers stood guard. – Slide 6
On the third day God rolled the stone away. The soldiers were frightened and they ran away. – Slide 7
Then His friends saw Jesus! ‘See I am alive again, just as I told you,’ Jesus said. ’Go and tell your friends the good news.’ – Slide 8
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