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Elijah and the prophets of Baal

Elijah's contest on Mount Carmel.
Contributed by Lambsongs
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Bad King Ahab and his prophets prayed to an imaginary god called Baal. King Ahab did not trust and obey the one true God. – Slide 1
For three years there was no rain. King Ahab’s prophets prayed to Baal, but no rain came. Then God told His prophet Elijah to go and see his enemy, King Ahab. – Slide 2
‘If God is real, follow Him,’ said Elijah. ‘If Baal is the true god, then follow him. Let us find out who really answers prayer. We will have a competition.’ – Slide 3
‘Put your meat offering on some fire wood, but do not light the fire. Then have your prophets pray to your god Baal and see if he sends fire.’ – Slide 4
Baal's prophets prayed all morning. Elijah said, ‘Pray louder, Baal must be asleep.’  They shouted until night time, but nothing happened, because idols can’t hear and answer prayer. – Slide 5
Then Elijah made an altar to God. He put an offering of meat on top of the firewood. He poured lots of water over it and into the ditch he had dug around it, so the wet wood wouldn’t burn. – Slide 6
‘God, let these people see that you are real and that you hear and answer prayer,’ he prayed. God sent fire and it burnt the water and the wood. Then the people believed in the one true God! – Slide 7
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