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Elijah and the widow

Elijah, a widow and her son trust God to provide them with flour and oil.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Elijah was hungry and thirsty. Without any rain the food had all gone. God said, ‘Go to another town and find a widow lady and her boy.’ – Slide 1
Elijah went to the town and found them picking up wood for their fire. ‘Please will you give me a drink of water and a little bread?’ he asked. – Slide 2
She said, ‘I only have a little flour and a little oil for one last bread roll.’<br/>‘Cook one for me first and there will be enough for you both,’ he told her. – Slide 3
‘Don’t worry. God told me that He will give us enough to eat. We will trust God.’ – Slide 4
So the lady trusted God and did what Elijah said. When she looked in the flour bin there was flour left for the next day. – Slide 5
Until the rain came and the corn and wheat grew, there was always oil in her jar and flour for bread. – Slide 6
Then Elijah went back home. In the Bible we can read how God looked after them. God will look after you, too. – Slide 7
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