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Gideon's fleece

A sheep's fleece helps Gideon trust God.
Contributed by Lambsongs
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This story is found in the Bible in the book of Judges. It happened at a time when enemies of Israel kept attacking them and stealing their crops. – Slide 1
Gideon was afraid of the enemy soldiers but God asked him to be brave and become commander of an army who would protect his people. – Slide 2
Gideon was scared and asked God, ‘If you really want me to lead an army please show me a sign. Look I have a sheep fleece here, all dry and woolly.’ – Slide 3
‘I will leave the fleece here on the ground for the night. In the morning, if the ground is dry but the fleece is wet then I will lead the army.’ – Slide 4
Sure enough, the next morning, Gideon felt the ground and it was dry. But when he lifted up the fleece it was wet. – Slide 5
But Gideon still did not believe God would help him lead an army to defeat their enemies. So he asked God to give him another sign. ‘This time, if I leave the fleece on the ground during the night, if the ground is wet but the fleece is dry I will lead the army for You. – Slide 6
Sure enough, the next morning, the ground was wet but the fleece was fluffy and dry. – Slide 7
Gideon was now sure God wanted him to lead an army, so he got a sword and gathered soldiers. – Slide 8
Gideon had to keep trusting God and God gave him a great victory. He and his army won because he obeyed God and did what God told him to do. – Slide 9
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