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The Great Commission

Jesus instructs His disciples to share the gospel.
Contributed by Lambsongs
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In the Bible we read that Jesus told His disciples to go out into all the world and spread the good news of the Gospel. – Slide 1
Jesus sent His twelve disciples into the villages, two at a time, saying, ‘Go to the lost children of Israel and tell them that the kingdom of heaven is near.’ – Slide 2
‘Heal the sick and give to others freely, as I have taught you. Don’t take anything with you; no money, bag, extra shoes, or walking stick. Those you help should feed and care for you.’ – Slide 3
‘Any town where you share the good news and are not welcome - leave quickly. God will be the one to judge them, not you. Only stay where God’s message is received,’ Jesus warned. – Slide 4
‘When you enter a city, ask where a good man, who loves God, lives and stay with him. Only stay in one home in the town. Don’t move from house to house,’ He said. – Slide 5
So, off they went, two at a time, into the towns, just as Jesus had told them to do. When they found a family who loved God, they asked if they could stay with them for a while. – Slide 6
The disciples prayed God’s blessing and protection for the family, as Jesus had instructed and told them everything they had learnt from Jesus. Many people listened and believed. – Slide 7
People were astonished when the disciples laid hands on the sick and they were healed, in the name of Jesus. Many people saw the miracles and believed. – Slide 8
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