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Hagar and Ishmael

God rescues Hagar and Ishmael and makes a promise to them.
Contributed by Lambsongs
This story is found in the very first book of the Bible – the book of Genesis. – Slide 1
Abraham had two sons. The youngest boy Isaac was born to his wife Sarah, and the older boy Ishmael, was born to Hagar, his wife Sarah’s Egyptian maid. – Slide 2
Sarah was jealous of Abraham’s first born son and when she saw Ishmael mocking Isaac, she told her husband to send Hagar and Ishmael away. – Slide 3
Abraham sadly gave Hagar a piece of bread and one bottle of water and sent her and his son Ishmael, off into the lonely, hot desert. – Slide 4
Soon their water was gone and it was so hot that Ishmael was dying of thirst. Hagar didn’t want to see him die. She lay him under a bush, sat down a little way off and cried. – Slide 5
God sent an angel to help her. ‘Don’t be afraid. Lift up your son. God will make him the father of a great nation,’ promised the angel. – Slide 6
Hagar obeyed the angel. She dried her eyes and got up. Then she saw a well of water nearby. They drank the water and were saved. – Slide 7
Ishmael was a wild spirited boy and his descendants did become a great nation. Hagar believed God’s promise the angel had told her. – Slide 8
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