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Hannah's prayer

Eli sees Hannah praying for a child.
Contributed by Lambsongs
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This Bible story can be found in the Old Testament. God hears and answers our prayers. – Slide 1
Elkanah and Hannah had no children. Hannah prayed to God because she wanted a baby boy. Hannah was sad. – Slide 2
Elkanah tried to make her happy. ‘Don’t be sad, Hannah, I love you very much, much more than lots of children.’ – Slide 3
Every year they both went to the Temple to give thanks to God. Hannah had something she wanted to pray about. – Slide 4
If God would give her a baby boy she would give him to the Priest to be his helper, but Eli, the Priest, thought she must be a drunk person. – Slide 5
‘You should not come in here drunk,’ he said. ‘I am praying to God, answered Hannah. ‘Go home,’ said Eli, ‘God has heard your prayer.’ – Slide 6
Soon Hannah had some happy news! God has heard me,’ she said. ‘We are having a baby! I have promised him to God.’ – Slide 7
So, when Samuel was old enough, Elkanah and Hannah took him to be a helper in the Temple church. Samuel grew up to love God with all his heart. – Slide 8
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