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Herod and the Baby King

God rescues baby Jesus from King Herod.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
King Herod was the King of the Jewish people. And he made sure no-one else could be king but him. The Bible tells us that when Herod learnt God had sent a new king to earth he was very jealous. – Slide 1
Wise Men came from the East to King Herod’s palace in Jerusalem, looking for the new-born King of the Jews, because they had seen His bright new star appear in the eastern sky. – Slide 2
King Herod and the people of Jerusalem were worried. The King called for the chief priests and teachers who studied the writings of the old prophets and asked where Christ should be born. ‘In Bethlehem,’ they replied. – Slide 3
Herod asked the Wise Men when they had first seen the star and sent them to Bethlehem to find the young child. ‘When you find Him,’ said King Herod slyly, ‘Come and tell me, so I can go and worship him too.’ – Slide 4
The Wise Men saw the star over the house in Bethlehem where Mary and the little child lived and went inside to give their gifts. An angel told them in a dream, not to go back to see King Herod, as he wanted to kill the child. – Slide 5
King Herod waited for the Wise Men to come back and tell him where to find God’s promised newborn King, so he could send his soldiers to get rid of Him. Herod didn’t want anyone else to rule his kingdom! – Slide 6
King Herod worked out from the time the Wise Men first saw the star, that the child would still be under two years old. He ordered his soldiers to Bethlehem to get rid of every baby boy, under the age of two. – Slide 7
But God warned Joseph that King Herod’s soldiers were coming and the family quickly hurried away to Egypt, before they arrived and the family lived there safely until King Herod died. – Slide 8
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