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Isaac gets a bride

Abraham's servant finds Rebekah for Isaac.
Contributed by Lambsongs
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God promised Abraham a son and made special promises for him and his descendants. Abraham and Sarah waited a long time until their son Isaac was born. – Slide 1
Abraham was getting old and his only son Isaac needed to get married, but the young girls in their town didn’t know and love God. – Slide 2
‘I will send my servant back to the country where I was born, to find a girl who really loves God to be a wife for Isaac,’ he thought. – Slide 3
It was a long way to go and the servant asked God to help him find the right girl to marry Isaac. She must be kind, hard working and love God. – Slide 4
‘The girl who gives me water to drink and gets water for the camels will be the right bride for Isaac,’ he said. Very soon Rebekah came to get water from the well. – Slide 5
After she gave the stranger a drink, Rebekah gave water to the camels. They were very thirsty and drank a lot of water and the buckets were heavy. – Slide 6
When she had finished watering the camels, the servant said, ‘I have a gift for you. My master, Abraham, sent me to find a bride for his son Isaac.’ – Slide 7
God had answered Abraham’s prayers and Rebekah’s father gave his blessing and she went back with the servant to marry Isaac. Rebekah loved God, was kind and worked hard. – Slide 8
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