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Jacob and Esau: A promise for a bowl of soup

Jacob exploits Esau to get his birthright.
Contributed by Lambsongs
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This story about twin brothers is found in the very first book of the Bible. – Slide 1
Isaac and Rebekah had twin boys. Esau had been born first and as he grew up was very hairy, but Jacob wasn’t hairy like his brother. – Slide 2
The twin brothers were different in other ways too. Esau loved to go away hunting venison for his father Isaac’s dinner, but Jacob liked staying at home cooking. – Slide 3
Isaac wanted his boys to know about God’s promise to their ancestor, Abraham, that their family would have God’s special blessings and become great. – Slide 4
‘This special blessing to our family, always passes to the eldest son,’ said Isaac. <br/>Jacob loved hearing about God's special promises and wished he was the eldest son. – Slide 5
One day Esau came home from hunting feeling so hungry that he was nearly fainting. ‘Give me some of your red lentil soup,’ he said, ‘before I die of hunger.’ – Slide 6
You can only have it if you give me your special promise from God,’ answered Jacob. <br/>‘Well, it is no use to me if I die,’ Esau replied and he swapped God’s promise for a bowl of soup. – Slide 7
After he had eaten, Esau felt much better and he was sorry that he had given away God’s special promise, but Jacob treasured having God’s special blessing. – Slide 8
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