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Jacob tricks his father

Jacob deceives Isaac into giving him Esau's blessing.
Contributed by Lambsongs
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God had promised to bless Abraham’s family and make them into a great nation. It was into this family God would send the Saviour of the world. Esau as the oldest twin should have had this blessing but Jacob his younger twin brother wanted the blessing even more. – Slide 1
Isaac was old and blind and it was time to pass the promise of blessing God gave to his father Abraham, down to his eldest son Esau, before he died. He sent a servant to find him. – Slide 2
‘Take your bow and arrow and go hunting. I want you to cook me some of your tasty venison stew to eat before I pray and bless you,’ Isaac told Esau. – Slide 3
Rebekah, Jacob and Esau’s mother, heard Isaac talking. She wanted her favourite younger twin son Jacob to get the blessing and made a plan to trick her husband. – Slide 4
‘I will make your father’s special meal for you to take it in and get Esau's blessing,’ she said. ‘But my brother is hairy and my skin is smooth. He will know it is me and be angry,’ Jacob replied. – Slide 5
‘Put on your brother’s clothes and put these hairy skins on your hands and neck so you will feel and smell like Esau,’ Rebekah told him. – Slide 6
‘Here is the meat you love, Father,’ said Jacob. ‘You sound like Jacob,’ Isaac answered. <br/>‘Come near so I can smell your clothes and feel if you are hairy like Esau.’ – Slide 7
Then Isaac prayed that God would bless his son with plenty of food and prayed that nations would honour him and his brothers serve him. God’s promises to Abraham and Isaac now went to Jacob. – Slide 8
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