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Prodigal Son - part 2: The Jealous Son

A son is jealous when his disobedient brother returns.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
After the younger son wasted all the inheritance money that his father had given to him, and was homeless and hungry, he remembered his loving father and returned to him. – Slide 1
‘I’m not worthy to be your son. I am sorry I have wasted all the inheritance money you gave me. Let me be your servant,’ he begged his father. – Slide 2
The father’s heart was filled with loving kindness towards his son. He told his servant to bring the best robe and shoes and a ring for his son’s finger. – Slide 3
He told his servants to prepare the best roast beef and food for a great feast, with music and dancing, to celebrate the return of his long-lost son. – Slide 4
When the older brother came home from working hard on the farm all day and heard the music and laughter, he wondered what the fuss was all about. – Slide 5
He was so jealous that his father was celebrating the return of his useless brother. ‘I have worked hard for you for years. What have you ever done for me?’ he asked. – Slide 6
‘Son you are always with me and everything I have is yours. We should be happy and celebrate together that your lost brother is found.’ – Slide 7
We must choose to be happy, not jealous, when someone else is honoured. Our Father in heaven rejoices when someone who is far from Him returns and asks for forgiveness. – Slide 8
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