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Jesus was a child like me

Jesus loves God and obeys Mary and Joseph.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
Jesus was born as a baby and grew up as a child. – Slide 1
Joseph and Mary took good care of Jesus. He liked doing all the things children do. In those days people rode on donkeys to get around. – Slide 2
They lived in the village of Nazareth and would often have family and friends come to visit. Sharing happy times with them was important. – Slide 3
Jesus is the son of God. He was the oldest child in the family. Mary and Joseph had other children too. Jesus loved all his half-brothers and sisters. – Slide 4
Joseph was a carpenter and when Jesus was a boy He learnt to make things from wood too. Jesus liked to help His friends. – Slide 5
Jesus played with His friends and probably did things like going fishing with them. He loved to tell everyone how much their heavenly Father loved them. – Slide 6
When He was old enough, Jesus went to school. Joseph and His mother Mary were pleased to hear Him reading the Scriptures. – Slide 7
When I am alone I think about Jesus. I want to be more like Him - having fun with family and friends; respecting my parents and being helpful and kind. – Slide 8
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