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This story is written about in three books of the Bible – Matthew, Mark and Luke. – Slide 1
One lovely evening Jesus and some of His friends got into a boat to row across the lake. – Slide 2
Jesus had been busy all day, teaching people about God and He was very tired. He lay down and went to sleep. – Slide 3
The wind began to blow and the waves got bigger and bigger. The little boat bobbed up and down. Jesus’ friends got scared. – Slide 4
‘Jesus wake up! Help us! The waves are too big, and we are not safe!’ they shouted. – Slide 5
Jesus stood up in the boat. ‘Wind and waves be still,’ He said. And straight away the wind and waves stopped! – Slide 6
Jesus’ friends were surprised. ‘Jesus can even tell the storm to stop. Only God can do that!’ they said. – Slide 7
They knew that they were safe with Jesus. The Bible says, ‘When I am afraid I will trust in you.’ – Slide 8
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