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Jesus is tempted

Jesus faces temptation in the wilderness.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
Jesus was human just like us and was free to choose to do what was good and right, or what was wrong. Jesus always chose to do what was right. – Slide 1
After He was baptized in the river Jordan by John the Baptist, Jesus went into the wilderness for forty days and forty nights to spend time quietly by himself, fasting and praying. – Slide 2
After forty days without anything to eat Jesus was feeling hungry. The devil suggested that Jesus use God’s power to turn some stones into bread. – Slide 3
But Jesus refused saying, ‘It is written in the Scriptures that a person’s life is more that just eating food.’ Real strength and satisfaction comes from obeying God's Word. – Slide 4
The devil tried to tempt Jesus again. ‘Throw yourself off a high place because God has said that the angels will catch you.’ Again, Jesus did not do what the devil told Him. – Slide 5
Jesus said, ‘It is written, don’t test the Lord your God.’ The devil knew what God’s Word said. Jesus chose to do what was right. A God you trust does not need to be tested. – Slide 6
Then the devil showed Jesus the power and wealth of all the kingdoms in the world. ‘The power of these kingdoms is mine to give if you will bow down and worship me,’ he said. – Slide 7
‘Get away from me Satan,’ Jesus commanded. ‘God is the only one you must worship.’ Jesus resisted temptation and made right choices. Then He began to teach and heal people. – Slide 8
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