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John the Baptist

John baptises Jesus.
Contributed by Lambsongs
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God sent a man called John to get people ready for the time when Jesus would arrive and teach them about God. You can read about it in the Bible. – Slide 1
John the Baptist lived by himself, in a lonely place, near the river Jordan. His clothes were made from camel’s hair and he ate locusts and honey! – Slide 2
God had given John the Baptist a special job telling everyone to get ready, because God’s Son was coming soon, just as God had promised! – Slide 3
‘Stop doing wrong things and tell God you are sorry. Start being good today,’ John said. Some people were sorry and wanted to change. – Slide 4
Those people went down to the river Jordan. John baptized them in the water, to show they were going to do what was good and right from now on. – Slide 5
Jesus went to find John by the river. He asked John to baptize him too. It wasn’t because Jesus had ever done anything wrong. He was God’s Son and he was always good. – Slide 6
John said, ‘Don’t ask me to do this. I am not good enough even to do up your shoes.’ <br/>Jesus said, ‘It is the right thing for me to do.’ – Slide 7
So John baptized Jesus in the river Jordan. As Jesus came up out of the water, God’s voice could be heard saying, ‘This is my Son. I love Him so much. I am so happy with Him.’ – Slide 8
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