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Joseph is kind to his brothers

Joseph forgives his brothers.
Contributed by Lambsongs
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Joseph’s brothers were not kind to him. They sold him to some traders who took him to Egypt. – Slide 1
In Egypt he was sold as a servant who would have to work hard for his master.  Joseph knew that God was with him wherever he was. – Slide 2
Poor Joseph was then put in jail for something he did not do. In jail he was good and kind. Everyone knew that Joseph loved God and did what was good and right. – Slide 3
One night King Pharaoh had a dream. No one could help him understand it. He sent for Joseph. Joseph asked God to help him understand the dream. – Slide 4
God told Joseph, ‘Tell King Pharaoh to store lots and lots of corn because soon people in other countries won’t have enough to feed their families.’ – Slide 5
Soon Joseph’s brothers had no corn left to eat. They were hungry, so their dad sent them to buy corn from King Pharaoh. Would Joseph be kind to his brothers? <br/>His brothers did not know he was still alive or that he was now in charge of the food in Egypt. – Slide 6
Yes! Joseph gave corn to his brothers and gave some to them to take home to his dad. When they returned for more he told them he was their brother and forgave them for being so unkind. – Slide 7
Joseph loved God and he looked after his family. God wants us to be kind to everyone, even if they are not kind to us. – Slide 8
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