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Joseph's new coat

Joseph's brothers are jealous when Jacob favours him.
Contributed by Lambsongs
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This story is found in the very first book in the Bible – the book of Genesis. – Slide 1
Joseph had ten big brothers and one little brother. He loved God and he loved his family. – Slide 2
His father loved Joseph very much. He gave him a special present. It was a new coat with lots of colours. He showed his new coat to his brothers. – Slide 3
Joseph’s brothers were grumpy and jealous. They wanted the colourful new coat. They told Joseph to go away and were unkind to him. – Slide 4
The big brothers went to look after the sheep. One day his dad told Joseph to find them. Joseph put his new coat on straight away. He always obeyed his father. – Slide 5
It was a long way to go. Joseph had to ask someone the way. When he saw them he called out and waved. But his brothers were still grumpy. – Slide 6
They were not kind and took his coat away. Then they put him down inside a big hole. Joseph was sad, but he remembered that God was always with him. – Slide 7
The brothers saw men coming on camels. They were traders going to Egypt. The brothers took Joseph and sold him to them. The men took Joseph away to sell as a servant who would work hard for whoever bought him. – Slide 8
Joseph prayed and asked God to help him. He knew that God is always with us and wants us to do what is good and right. And so Joseph knew God would look after him in Egypt. – Slide 9
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