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Joseph Dreams

Joseph's dreams make his brothers jealous.
Contributed by Lambsongs
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We read in the Bible that Joseph had a promise from God, but it took many long years until Joseph’s dreams came true. – Slide 1
One night, when Joseph was asleep, he had a very real dream about his brothers. He couldn’t wait to get up and tell them all about it. – Slide 2
'We were tying together stalks of ripe grain into bundles of sheaves,' he told them. 'My sheaf of grain stood up straight, but all your sheaves of grain bowed down to mine.' – Slide 3
His older brothers where jealous of Joseph and got very angry. 'Do you really think we are going to bow down to you and let you be the boss of us?' they said. – Slide 4
Then Joseph had another another dream about his eleven brothers which he told told his brothers and his father. 'The sun and moon and eleven stars bowed down to me,' he said. – Slide 5
His father spoke sternly to Joseph. 'Would your own family bow down in front of you?' he said. But in his heart his father wondered if the dreams were from God. – Slide 6
Joseph’s brothers went off to feed their father’s sheep in the fields near Shechem. A while later, Israel sent Joseph to see how they were and to bring back any news. – Slide 7
From far off, his brothers saw him coming. 'Here comes the dreamer,' they said. 'Now is our chance to teach him a lesson.' But God was with Joseph and had a plan. – Slide 8
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