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King Josiah hears the law of Moses

King Josiah learns that God's word has been found.
Contributed by Lambsongs
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King Manasseh had been a very bad king. He and the people of Judah worshiped idols and forgot the laws God gave to Moses. People stopped going to the Temple and it was shut up. <br/>But later, Josiah his grandson, who was only 8 years old, became king. <br/>He was a good king. Eighteen years passed and he decided to repair the Temple in Jerusalem. – Slide 1
He sent his servant to Hilkiah the High Priest to collect the donation money people gave the priests at the Temple door. The King needed the money to pay workmen to fix the Temple. – Slide 2
While Hilkiah was counting the money for king Josiah, he explored the Temple and found an old scroll. On it was written all the laws which God gave to Moses on Mount Sinai. He thought they had been lost. – Slide 3
Hilkanah the high priest gave the old scroll to King Josiah's servant and he read the laws of Moses and the Ten Commandments, to Josiah. – Slide 4
King Josiah was very upset when he heard God’s laws and prayed for forgiveness. His people had forgotten the One True God. They prayed to idols and behaved badly. He was very sorry for the ways everyone had disobeyed God. – Slide 5
Hilkiah the priest and others, went to show the scroll to a woman who loved God. She was the prophetess Huldah. She told them that unless they obeyed what was written in the Law of Moses, they would face God’s punishment for their disobedience. – Slide 6
Then Huldah said, ‘But tell King Josiah that because he was humble and sorry for not obeying how God wanted him to live, he will be spared the punishment God is going to send.’ – Slide 7
King Josiah gathered all the people into the Temple and read the laws of Moses to them. King Josiah made a promise to God to rid his kingdom of idols and evil and to follow God’s Laws. – Slide 8
He went throughout the whole kingdom and destroyed all the evil places and idols. <br/>Josiah did what was good and right all his life. There was no other king like Josiah. – Slide 9
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