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Judas - 30 silver coins

Judas betrays Jesus to gain 30 pieces of silver.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
This is a story from the Bible about a man who loved money more than anything else. – Slide 1
Judas Iscariot was one of the twelve disciples Jesus chose. He looked after the money bag of coins Jesus gave away to very poor people who could not work. – Slide 2
Judas saw many miracles. When Jesus touched them, blind people could see, lepers were healed and people who had never walked, stood up and jumped for joy. – Slide 3
Jesus taught Judas and his friends, ‘Love God with all your heart and love others as much as you love yourself.’ Judas loved Jesus, but he loved money more. – Slide 4
The temple leaders wanted to get rid of Jesus, so Judas offered to show them where to find Him, if they paid him some money. They gave him thirty silver coins. – Slide 5
Judas took the temple guards to the Mount of Olives to find Jesus. As he went to greet Jesus with a kiss on the cheek, to show them who to arrest. Jesus asked, ‘Judas will you betray me with a kiss?’ – Slide 6
When Jesus was arrested and crucified, Judas was very sorry. He tried to give the money back, but the temple leaders wouldn’t take it, so he threw it on the temple floor and went and hanged himself on a tree. – Slide 7
The temple leaders wondered what to do with the money and used it to buy some land outside Jerusalem, where potters used to dig clay to make pots. There they made a place to bury any strangers who died in their city. – Slide 8
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