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Down through the roof

Four friends bring a paralysed man to Jesus.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
This is a story about Jesus that we find in the Bible. – Slide 1
A man who couldn’t walk lay on his mat every day. He heard that Jesus made sick people better. One day Jesus came to a house in his town. ‘I wish I could go and see Jesus,’ he said sadly. – Slide 2
His friends said, ‘We will carry you. Jesus can make you better. You must see Jesus! Hold on tight.’ They picked up his bed and off they went. – Slide 3
When they got to the house they couldn't get in. There was no more room. ‘We have an idea,’ said his friends, ‘We’ll climb the stairs onto the roof. Hold on tight!’ – Slide 4
His friends made a hole in the roof. They looked down. All the people were looking up! His friends could see Jesus too! – Slide 5
Carefully they lowered the man down on ropes. People moved back to make room. He landed right in front of Jesus!  Jesus smiled at him. – Slide 6
‘What do you want?’ asked Jesus. ‘Jesus I want to be able to walk. I know you make sick people better. Please help me,’ he said. – Slide 7
‘Get up and walk,’ said Jesus. The man who had never walked before stood up! He jumped! He danced! He ran! <br/>He shouted, ‘Thank you God! Thank you Jesus!’ – Slide 8
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