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Jesus gets lost

Mary and Joseph search Jerusalem for Jesus.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish
Every year Mary and Joseph, along with many other people, travelled to Jerusalem to worship God at the Temple. In the Bible we read what happened on one of these trips. – Slide 1
When Jesus was twelve years old, He went with Hs neighbours and parents, Joseph and Mary, to the Temple (church) at Jerusalem, just as they did every year. – Slide 2
When He got to the Jerusalem, Jesus went to the Temple. He started asking questions and talking about God with the wise old teachers. – Slide 3
Jesus listened to them teaching and asked them questions too. They were amazed at how much this boy understood. He understood everything in the Bible! – Slide 4
When it was time to go home, all the families went together. Joseph and Mary thought Jesus was walking with some of His friends. – Slide 5
After a while they went to find Jesus, but no-one had seen Him all day. ‘He must have been left behind,’ said Joseph and they hurried back to look for Him. – Slide 6
They searched the city for a long time but at last they found Jesus in the Temple. ‘Didn’t you know I was in my Father’s house?’ said Jesus. – Slide 7
He went straight home with them. Jesus always listened to His parents and obeyed them. And Mary never forgot how much Jesus loved God’s word, even when He was a little boy. – Slide 8
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