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Matthew follows Jesus

Matthew quits tax collecting to follow Jesus.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish
One of the books in the Bible was written by Matthew. This is how he came to follow Jesus and then write about Him. – Slide 1
Matthew had an important job collecting money for the Romans. He was called a Tax Collector. People didn’t like paying him money as many tax collectors took more money than they should. – Slide 2
Matthew was clever, greedy and he was rich. But being very clever, greedy and being very rich didn’t make Matthew happy. – Slide 3
One day Matthew saw Jesus walking along the road. Jesus made sick people better and told stories about God. – Slide 4
Jesus saw Matthew working at his table. He came right over to talk to him. ‘Matthew, come and follow me,’ Jesus said. Matthew was so surprised! No-one liked tax collectors as they were such cheats. – Slide 5
What would Matthew do? Would he leave his money? Would he leave his job to follow Jesus? – Slide 6
Matthew got up straight away and followed Jesus. He became one of Jesus’ helpers. Following Jesus made Matthew very happy. – Slide 7
Matthew wrote down many things he saw Jesus do and heard Him say. His words are in the Bible in the book of Matthew. – Slide 8
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