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Bread from Heaven

God provides food in the wilderness.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
The children of Israel followed Moses into the desert, but there was nothing to eat. ‘We should have stayed in Egypt,’ they said. – Slide 1
Everyone was hungry. Moses asked God to help them. ‘I will send bread from heaven, for the people to eat,’ God said. – Slide 2
The next morning, the ground was covered with something small and round. ‘Bread from heaven!’ they said. – Slide 3
‘God has sent manna for us to eat.’  They filled their baskets and took the manna home to cook. It tasted like honey biscuits. – Slide 4
God said, ‘Only take enough for one day.’ But some people forgot. Next morning the manna left over was full of worms. – Slide 5
God told Moses, ‘Today get enough manna for two days. Tomorrow is a day to rest. It is a day for thanking God.’ – Slide 6
The next day there were no worms! God looked after the children of Israel when He sent bread from heaven. God looks after you too! – Slide 7
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