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How did Moses cross the Red Sea?

God opens up a path through the Red Sea.
Contributed by Lambsongs
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Moses was looking after his sheep one day when he saw a fire in a little bush. The bush didn’t burn up, so he went closer to look and God talked to him out of the bush. – Slide 1
‘Take your shoes off. This is Holy Ground,’ said God. ‘Go and tell King Pharaoh to let my people go. I will help you.’ Moses did what God told him to do. – Slide 2
‘God has sent me to tell you to let God’s people go,’ Moses told Pharaoh. “No! They are my best workers,” Pharaoh said. ‘I will not let them go.’ – Slide 3
But God made King Pharaoh change his mind. ‘I had better let those people go,’ he said, ‘then all these horrible things might stop happening to me.’ – Slide 4
But King Pharaoh sent his soldiers to chase after the people. ‘Hurry and bring them back. I need them to do all my work!’ he said. – Slide 5
The people came to the Red Sea. The water was deep and they could not get across. The soldiers were nearly catching up and the people didn’t know what to do. – Slide 6
God sent a big, strong wind. It blew a path in the sea. Everyone walked safely across the dry path, to the other side. – Slide 7
Then Pharaoh’s soldiers tried to follow across the path. The wind stopped blowing and the waves came crashing down. God helped Moses, just like He promised. – Slide 8
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