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Naaman and the servant girl

A servant girl tells Naaman that God can heal his leprosy.
Contributed by Lambsongs
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This story from the Bible is about a little servant girl who told her master about God. Wherever you are you can tell the good news about God’s love. – Slide 1
Naaman was in charge of the army of Syria and was a very important man, but he had leprosy sores on his skin, which not even the best doctor could fix. – Slide 2
Naaman’s little servant girl said to her mistress, ‘If only my master Naaman would go and see Elisha, the man of God, in Samaria, then God would make him get well again.’ – Slide 3
When Naaman heard that there was someone who could make him better he decided to go and find the man of God, even though Naaman didn’t know God for himself. – Slide 4
When he knocked on Elisha’s door only a servant came out with a message. ‘Elisha said, you must go and wash seven times in the river Jordan.’ – Slide 5
Naaman was annoyed because Elisha didn’t come out and talk to him. ‘We have cleaner rivers in my country,’ he said. ‘Why can’t I wash in them to cure my leprosy!’ – Slide 6
But, he decided to do what the man of God said. After washing seven times in the River Jordan the leprosy disappeared and his skin was clean - just like a babies! Naaman knew that God had healed him. – Slide 7
Naaman wanted to tell his family and friends how God had healed him. God wants us to listen and obey. God’s word sets us free. – Slide 8
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