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The Narrow Door

Jesus explains how riches can hinder us.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
Based on the story Jesus told about the narrow door. Jesus passed through many villages on His way to Jerusalem. Someone asked Him if many people would get into heaven. – Slide 1
Imagine a man pulling a big, heavy load. He wants to get into God’s kingdom on the other side of the wall, but he needs to find the door. – Slide 2
The door to God’s kingdom is very narrow and the man’s heavy load will never fit. What can he do? How important to him is getting into God’s kingdom? – Slide 3
The man looks at his cartload of things. He wants to take everything he always carries around with him into God’s holy kingdom and some of it is very heavy, – Slide 4
He cannot take his old things through the door, but refuses to go through that door without his heavy load. He has to choose his old junk, or God’s kingdom. – Slide 5
The man decides to look for another way in, but there is no other way. The wall goes on and on, but there is only one small, narrow door. – Slide 6
Jesus said, ‘People should try hard to get into God’s kingdom. But, if they don’t use the door God has made, then they will miss out.’ – Slide 7
Jesus is that door – our only way to God. He gives us His new life and we leave our past behind. Instead of loneliness, sadness, guilt and fear, He gives forgiveness, love, joy and peace. – Slide 8
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