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The Nobleman's sick son

A man with a sick son travels to find Jesus.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish
This story is found in the Bible in the Gospel of John. – Slide 1
An important man had a very, very sick son. He heard that Jesus was in the next town and went to ask Him to come and see his son and make him well. – Slide 2
‘Jesus, my boy is very sick. Please come to my house and do a miracle.  If you come to see him you can make my boy better, before it is too late,’ cried the man. – Slide 3
‘Go back home, your son is well again. I don’t need to come to your house. Just believe what I say.’ It was 1 o'clock when Jesus said that. – Slide 4
The man hurried home. He believed that Jesus really had made his son better and that what Jesus had told him was true. – Slide 5
When he got to his house he saw his son waiting at the door! He was not sick any more! The man was so happy to see his boy. – Slide 6
‘What time did my son get better?’ he asked his servants. <br/>‘It was at 1 o’clock when he suddenly felt alright. He got out of my bed and felt completely well.’ – Slide 7
The man was so happy. He believed in Jesus with all his heart and he told everyone how Jesus had made his son well, without even coming to see him! – Slide 8
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