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The pearl of great price

A merchant goes all out to purchase a valuable pearl.
Contributed by Lambsongs
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Natural pearls are very rare. Once in a while, a small sea creature (mollusc) living in a shell has its tissue injured by something that attacks it. The creature makes a pearl sac to defend itself and this become a hard, round shiny ball. Many hundreds of pearl oysters or mussels must be gathered and opened to find even one wild pearl inside. – Slide 1
Jesus told a parable about the kingdom of heaven, to show us how much God loves us. <br/>‘The kingdom of heaven is like a wealthy merchant who set off to buy pearls,’ Jesus said. Then He told this story. – Slide 2
One day the merchant heard about a very special pearl. It was said to be the most valuable pearl in the whole world! The merchant set off straight away to find it. – Slide 3
He went down to the sea to find the pearl fisherman, who owned the precious pearl. It was certainly the most beautiful pearl he had ever seen and the merchant wanted to buy it. – Slide 4
‘How much do you want for the pearl?’ he asked. <br/>The pearl fisherman knew it was the best pearl in the whole world and asked a very high price. ‘Give me three days to find the money,’ the man begged. – Slide 5
The rich merchant loved that pearl so much, that he returned home and sold everything he had, even his best clothes and took all his money to buy the precious pearl. – Slide 6
The merchant sacrificed everything he had until, at last, he owned the one thing that was the most precious to him, in the whole world - the special pearl.’ – Slide 7
Jesus told this story to help us understand that God gave the most valuable thing He could send from heaven, His son Jesus, because YOU are most precious to Him. – Slide 8
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