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The Good Worker (Parable of the Talents)

A parable about workers investing their talents.
Contributed by Lambsongs
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
Jesus told a story about a boss who gave his workers some money to use for him while he was away. – Slide 1
‘Take this money to make more money for me,’ he said. – Slide 2
One man got one gold coin, another man two gold coins and the best worker got five gold coins. ‘Use these well until I get back,’ said the boss. – Slide 3
The best, worker, with five coins, bought and sold things with the money and made five more coins for his boss. The man with two coins also used them well. – Slide 4
But the lazy man, with one gold coin, dug a hole and buried it in the garden where it was no use to anyone. ‘I will leave it here until my boss comes back,’ he thought. – Slide 5
Their boss came back to see what they had done with his money. The man with five coins had made five more! The man with two coins had made two more! – Slide 6
‘Well done,’ said the boss. ‘You are good workers. Now you can be the boss of others.’  The lazy man said, ‘I hid the gold coin because it isn’t fair if you get money I work for.’ – Slide 7
‘Even in the bank my money would grow,’ said the boss. ‘Go away. You are a lazy man.’ <br/>It is important to do your best with what God has given to you. Use your talents for God and Jesus will one day say, ‘Well done.’ – Slide 8
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