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The Passover

God gives instructions for the Passover.
Contributed by Lambsongs
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Pharaoh would not let his slaves, the children of Israel, go. God did many miracles until Pharaoh changed his mind. – Slide 1
God told Moses, ‘Tonight every family of Israel must eat a meal of roast lamb, with herb sauce and flat bread. This will be called the feast of the Pass Over. – Slide 2
‘Take a small branch and paint the blood of the lamb around the door frame. It will keep you safe from the sickness I will send on the land,’ said God. – Slide 3
‘Stay inside your house because God’s angel will pass through the city. The oldest son in each family will get sick and die because Pharaoh will not listen and let God’s people go. – Slide 4
‘But the people in the houses with the blood of the lamb on the door frame will not get sick, because they are trusting and obeying Me,’ said God. – Slide 5
So the families of Israel did as God told Moses and prayed that God would keep them safe. Soon they would be free from Pharaoh and go to a new land God had promised them. – Slide 6
That night, the angel of God passed over the city and even Pharaoh's eldest son became sick and died. But God kept the families of Israel safe. – Slide 7
Since that time, God’s people celebrate the feast of the Passover and thank Him for saving them. Jesus did this too, with his friends. – Slide 8
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